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The thing we hear over and over again from our clients is that the best part of our yoga studio is the community that exists. This isn’t just a place to go get a workout–this is a place to connect with like-minded individuals who are looking for something more. Try our New Student Introductory Package to see what it’s all about. After 40 days of unlimited yoga, you’ll feel strong, grounded, clear-minded, and you’ll be a part of a special new yoga family!

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What to Expect on your First Visit

  • Easy parking. We have a large parking lot with tons of space!
  • A warm welcome. Someone will be at the front desk (or nearby!) to welcome you.
  • Technology. If you haven’t registered online, there will be a tablet at the desk for you to register. Please arrive 10 minutes early if you need to get registered. The teacher can then help you purchase the package that makes the most sense for you. If you signed up online and it’s your first visit, stop by the front desk and we’ll hook you up with a key tag. Once you have a key tag, you’ll be able to cruise past the front desk with just a quick scan!
  • A lobby space for stuff. Place your belongings in the cubby holes. Leave your shoes in the lobby under the benches or in cubbies.
  • A bright and friendly yoga studio. Make your way into the studio and lay your mat down. Grab a strap and a block and make yourself comfortable. Introduce yourself to your neighbor.
  • Cell-phone free. You come to practice at 270PY to escape the constant interruptions of daily life. Please turn your phones and other devices to silent and leave them in the lobby. (Unless you’re on call—then we can make an exception!)
  • Oms. Each class will begin and end with one or three Oms.
  • A locked door…If you are 10 minutes late. Please have integrity and be respectful of your fellow students by arriving punctually.
  • Heat. The studio will be heated to 90º for most classes (not Basics, Slow Flow, or other workshops; see class descriptions for details)…
  • …which in turn leads to Sweat. Bring a bottle of water and, if you need a towel, you can rent one from the front desk for $1.
  • Changing rooms & bathrooms. We have two bathrooms and two changing rooms. We do not have showers.
  • Assists. The teachers will come by to help you find your fullest expression of a pose. If you do not want to be touched, let the teacher know ahead of time.
  • Applause. Because you deserve to be recognized for the hard work you put in!

Are you ready to show up? Get our New Student Introductory Package!

Get 40 Days for $40